Shirley Grimes “The Long Road Home”

  • 01. Goodbye, Adieu
  • 02. Be Patient
  • 03. Here I Go
  • 04. Precious
  • 05. Dandelion Bouquet
  • 06. Missing You
  • 07. Lady Jane Franklins Lament
  • 08. Flock In The Field
  • 09. Christine
  • 10. Bard Of Armagh

Shirley Grimes has begun her journey back to her roots – back to folk music. 18 years ago she left her home of Ireland and began her musical journey. This journey took her very far away from her Irish roots, so far, that she one day began to miss them. After her decision to end her decade long musical relationship with her band ‘The insiders’ was made, Shirley found herself free to look back in order to look forward and has now handed us the result in the form of her new, mainly acoustic album ‘The long road home’. In Summer 2011 she completed the recordings of her sixth Album with the musicians Veronika Stalder (Fiddle/Vocals), Samuel Baur (Percussion/Vocals), Wolfgang Zwiauer (Mandocello/Bass) and guest Vera Kappeller (Piano/Harmonium). The Album successfully combines traditional and contemporary Irish Folk with a touch of American Folk. Shirley Grimes hasn’t re-created herself. She has just taken another step on her musical journey. A journey filled with unmistakably beautiful songs.